Second Semester of 2017

This August, four new volunteers started to work with the Escuela Movil. Mona, Nelson, Franka and Marina are now conquering the barrios of Sucre.

SEPTEMBER In their first week, the volunteers prepared their first taller (workshop), Taller de la Autodisciplina y Responsabilidad, (Workshop of autodiscipline and responsibility) that teaches the kids about self-discipline and responsibility. The kids heard a story about penguins and how the parents treat and care for their egg. In order to practice what the kids just learned, they each got an egg of their own. The eggs beforehand had been modified to look like egg-men. The following week, they were asked to show their egg and explain what they did with it and what this has to do with responsibility and self-discipline.

OCTOBER In order to teach the children more about their own culture, a free entrance to the Glorieta Museum was organized. Every day for a week, the Escuela visited the Museum of the Glorieta. Glorieta is the only castle in Bolivia and looks more like a big mansion. The family that lived there was not born into royalty. The prince and the princess were a rich couple who gained their fortune through the mines and by opening the first bank. Their status as royals was give to  them because of their significant charity work in Sucre, for example adopting 100 street children and providing them with food, clothes and an education.

NOVEMBER This was the last month of work for the year 2018, and also the last Taller - Taller del valor de la Solidaridad (Workshop of the value of solidarity). In this Taller, the children learned something about the importance of helping each other. To practice this value, the situation in a Micro bus was recreated in which the children had to prove they understood what it meant to demonstrate solidarity.

DECEMBER The first week of the month of Christmas was spent saying goodbye, la despedida. Because of Summer vacation, the Escuela Movil breaks up for two months. Many kids travel to their relatives further from the city to help with farm work, so the Escuela organized a big Goodbye Fiesta with all the barrios, where the children received some goodbye snacks. See you in February!

In addition to the big projects completed this year, there were also many games played, visits to the park made, movies watched and stories exchanged.
The movies that we watched were to demonstrate and reinforce the values that had been taught.